A Dome for America? Sure! (video)

Comedian Michael Loftus explains why America needs a dome on a recent appearance on Gutfeld! Now admittedly the dome isn’t his idea, but hey, it’s something to think about. Now how would this dome work? Well don’t worry, we’ll explain that too. Not only is Michael the mgmt. of TheLoftusParty website, he’s also a big time thinker and wordsmith. Want to show your support and get cool extras? We’re on Local an Patreon! Join in today! And for all your sweet TLP merch, hit up the shop at TheLoftusParty.com.

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Writer, Comedian, Geek, Purveyor of the Sexy Heathen lifestyle. Sometimes on TV. AKA 'The Mgmt.' Always hanging round TheLoftusParty.com

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