Trailer for Manhunt on Apple TV is practically begging you to read the book. (video)

Yes, we’re reviewing the trailer for Manhunt. It’s the new limited series based on the bestselling book that’s coming to AppleTV. We’re also hoping you’ll pick up the book and read it as opposed to watching this show that really doesn’t look too great. It looks bad. Just read the book. I say that in all sincerity. Read the book. It’s a fascinating, well researched account of events and people surrounding the assassination of Lincoln. It was a legit conspiracy, and it was much larger than they teach you in school. Having read the book myself a few years back, I was blown away. Manhunt, the book is fantastic. Manhunt the TV Show looks iffy at best.

Just looking at some of the shots made me question if they were done with the visual effects. Some of the Makeup was… less than terrific? (trying hard to be generous) Too many elements took me completely out of the reality. And when you have an historical drama? You better have your act together. And speaking of having an act together: Patton Oswalt. Yeah. That was Patton. Could someone tell him he doesn’t have to say yes to everything? That’d be great. So, do yourself a favor and skip Manhunt on Apple TV and read the book. You’ll thank me later. Manhunt starts streaming on March 15. The ides of March. And you can catch Patton on tour. Pretty sure he has a website with dates. Enjoy!

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