Gina Carano (& Elon) sue Disney! Here’s an Nerdrotic explanation of why.

What a wonderful time to be alive. Politics, Entertainment and legal actions are merging into their own sub-genre. Massive amounts of people are picking sides right out of the gate and for good reason. It’s just too damn wild not to watch! Case in point: Gina Carano (with a side of Elon Musk) is suing Disney. They say turnabout is fair play and this is some legit turnabout.

So, you’ll want to join in for the updates on this one. It has it all. Hollywood, Cancel Culture, Tech moguls and media giants. What’s not to love. Here to break down everything you need to know about the Gina Carano lawsuit against Disney is beautifully put together Nerdrotic video! Enjoy and be enlightened.

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