The Tucker Carlson Interview with Putin that has the media worried. They should be. (video)

Was it worth the wait and all the gnashing of teeth by mainstream media? Find out for yourself! Here’s the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin. Turns out a boat load of people wanted to watch. As we drop the link into this post, the video has over 48 million views. Those are super bowl numbers. Those are numbers the old school media haven’t seen in decades. That alone make this interview yet another seismic shift in how people get information. It’s huge.

As for the interview itself, it’s lengthy. Putin very much digs into a Russian history lesson and Tucker tries to keep things on track. There’s a mini battle for who is going to set the agenda for the talk. A mini battle that Putin quickly wins. No offense to Tucker. What can you do? You’re in Vlad’s house, hoping to keep him talking. I found the whole thing very interesting. Does it solve the Russian Ukraine war? Of course not. But it definitely was a big shot in the media war. Here’s the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin from Tuckers X channel.

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