Lingerie, Art & Politics? No. You can have 2 but not 3. (video)

Imagine my chagrin after discovering this video. It’s title is: (Ex)TEASY LINGERIE x SERGEY KIR. That’s intriguing. Nice word play with the (Ex) Teasy, ecstasy thing. And lingerie? Sure! We’re going to click the hell outta that. That’s when the trouble started. See, ex teasy is a lingerie company. And Sergy Kir is a digital artist who is very political. That’s a deal breaker. Let’s keep politics away from the Lingerie. Want to do an art show about sex? Fine. Politics? Sure. But lingerie? Now it’s weird. Too many thoughts. I’m looking at lacey corsets and suddenly wants me to think about drone strikes in Ukraine? Nope. Don’t like that combo one little bit. That won’t work at all. It’s too bad too. Ex Teasy makes some sexy lingerie. It’s just not featured in this political art show. Here’s their site.

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2 comments on “Lingerie, Art & Politics? No. You can have 2 but not 3. (video)

  1. Michael buffa says:

    Oh no, you HAVE to have politics… in EVERYTHING. give me a break ffs.

    Good work finding these type of videos. Keep it… up.

    What’s with the two in clown shoes at 2:26? Why do they make women wear ridiculous schoolhouse rocks cartoon shoes?

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      It’s crazy right?! As to the shoes… so many models wipe out at these shows. Take crazy tumbles because of wacky footwear. LOL!

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