Deadpool 3 (Trailer) or is it Loki 2.5?

Here’s the trailer for Deadpool 3 or is it Deadpool & Wolverine? Or is it Deadpool: Loki 2.5. What in the actual hell is going on with this movie’s title and Marvel’s writers? We’re calling it Loki 2.5 because of what appears to be the flicks premise: Deadpool and the TVA. It looks like Deadpool is going to be gallivanting around a bunch of different timelines just like Loki did in two, less than stellar seasons of the Disney Plus show. Oof. That is some serious weak sauce from the writers.

Yes, alternate timelines give you plenty of wacky scenarios. You can have any characters interact that you want. Just call it a different timeline! Here’s the problem. No one cares. Because even in the wacky Marvel multiverse logic, it never ‘really’ happened. It never ‘really’ means anything. Deadpool could kill batman. Big blah. Becuase there’s another universe where Batman kills Deadpool. See? Nothing matters. And for drama and or comedy to work? It has to matter. And that, kids is why the multiverse and the TVA storyline blows. Tada!

However, we have tons of faith in Ryan Reynolds and crew slinging some jokes. There’s gonna be some funny stuff. Just don’t think Deadpool 3 is gonna save marvel. It’s looking like the same ol multiverse oatmeal flavored blah that we saw in Loki.

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