Borderlands movie (trailer) Are we about to get burned? Yeah. Almost certainly.

Watch this trailer for the Borderlands movie and be honest. Everything feels… bad. Maybe it’s just a sense of being burned so many times before we’re mentally prepping for the hurt that’s about to happen. But everything feels…off with Borderlands. And that blows. Borderlands is great game. A movie makes sense! Eli Roth is a fun director! Cate Blanchett is in it! On paper we should all be stoked! Instead, I got a knot in my stomach just waiting for this to be yet another disappointment. Is it the Guardians of Galaxy vibe? Maybe. The incredibly predictable retro rock song themed trailer? Maybe. The piss joke that has zero surprises in its delivery and the punchline? “It’s in my mouth”. Yes. It’s all of those things. As a very wise person once said in every Star Wars movie: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Borderlands hits theaters August 9th.

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