ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree – Trailer. More death and confusion. Just the way we like it.

This is legitimately exciting. Here’s the trailer for Elden Ring shadow of the Erdtree. The DLC or Expansion pack (whatever you want to call it) is coming out soon and now we can see what we’re in for. Well, at least some of the visuals and a hint of some story. But we’re cool with that. That’s a big part of the charm of Elden Ring. You have a solid foundation for the lore, but more questions pop up and are around every beautiful, confusing corner. And once again: The biggest of shout outs to the design team. The artwork on Elden Rings is just outstanding! Keep that good stuff coming FromSoftware. Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree comes out June 21st.

And a big thank you to Tolkien and the Silmarillion. You know what I’m saying.

The Land of Shadow. A place obscured by the Erdtree. Where the goddess Marika first set foot. A land purged in an unsung battle. Set ablaze by Messmer’s flame. It was to this land that Miquella departed. Divesting himself of his flesh, his strength, his lineage. Of all things Golden.

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