Sorry, NYC but you’ve gone off the rails. Here’s the proof.

It’s a challenge to wrap your brain around just how completely insane things have become in the city that never sleeps. We’re guessing they don’t sleep now out of fear of what new craziness in coming tomorrow. New York City has gone off the rails. It’s gone crazy. This isn’t an attack on the great people of New York at all. This is all about the elected officials. The decision makers of NY. They are driving what should be the crown jewel of this country into the dirt. They have NYC on a freight elevator headed to a nasty rock bottom. It’s now just a question of how bad things need to get before common sense New Yorkers take the city back. And if you’re on social media, you know things in NY are insane and getting crazier every day. Here’s just some of the posts on ‘X’ about NY in last couple of days.

Don’t lose heart. The Dance team will make everything better.

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