Best of Google’s Woke A.I.

Yes, we’re going to make fun of Google’s Woke A.I. It’s a story with great visuals. That’s some entertaining shit. There’s also a chance to point out some bigger issues with this race for the A.I. market that will almost certainly get you thinking. But we will be having a lot of laughs making fun of the wild, woke pictures generated by Google’s A.I. Gemini.

First up? There’s no Artificial Intelligence involved with Gemini. Googles ‘AI’ is a reminder that it’s simply a super-fast computer, programmed by people to find information really quickly. The only thinking it does was already done by the team of woke employees. We know they have a crap load of bias because of the results of the images Gemini produced. They are hilarious for the historical inaccuracies and the failure of Gemini to ‘learn’ from its mistakes. It couldn’t change its programming. This was actually a good thing in my view. But that’s a post for another day.

Gemini and other ‘AI’ are good at generating images and content based on how they’re programmed. The woke images show us the bias of the programmers. If this is how they code an image generator, what do google programmers do with ‘important’ things, like elections and public opinion? What’s that algorithm look like? What kind of bias is in YouTube and all the others? Make you wonder. But here’s some highlights of the internet making fun of Google’s woke A.I.

And it’s worth noting this…

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