The Donald responds to reduced $175 million dollar bond.

Big ruling today. A New York appeals court has reduced the fine for Donald Trump from $454 million down to $175 million. Dollars. As far as we understand it, that’s the amount of money Trump has to come up with to appeal the fine imposed on his company by Letitia James and Judge Erdogan. Those are the same people who valued Mar-a-Lago at $18 million dollars. Real estate experts say the real value is around 240 million. So… there’s some disagreement there. And Trump had a lot to say about the fine. Also, the internet had a couple funny thing to add.

While some are celebrating today’s ruling as a victory for Trump, we have a more sober view. The guy has 10 days to pay a $175 million dollar fine or the state of NY starts taking his properties. And this money has to be paid for the Donald to appeal the decision of Erdogan. Did I mention the 18 million dollar valuation of Mar-a- Lago? Think I did. So, pay almost $200 million in cash or we start taking your stuff. All this in the middle of a very expensive presidential election. That, kids is what we would call some serious malarky. And we were assured there would be zero malarky.

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