I’m not paying for that and other Key Bridge musings.

Every once in a while, we do something prudent. Usually that something entails simply waiting for minute or two. Get more information and see what is revealed. That’s what we did yesterday when it came to the container ship destroying the Key Bridge. We just wanted to see what the story was, where the facts lead and what bullshit would rise to the surface. Also, what jokes would come of it.

Right out of the gate, Biden wasted no time. Talking about how he crossed the bridge on the train all the time. Hint: He didn’t. Then Biden started talking about how we were going to pay to fix the Key Bridge. Um… no. I’m going to have to go Judge Judy here. After viewing the tape, I see that a boat hit the bridge. Not me. I’ll go ahead and guess the ship had some kind of insurance, so how about we send them the bill? Let’s start there. But how can we let all these great posts about the ship and wrecked bridge go to waste? We can’t. So, here’s a collection of some Key Bridge memes, videos and observations.

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2 comments on “I’m not paying for that and other Key Bridge musings.

  1. Lucille Ebert says:

    Biden has fond memories of not only traveling over the bridge by train, but of having purchased the bridge from the Indians. Cornpop will vouch for him…🤯

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      the number of time the press covers for him when he say’s these things is staggering. Just unreal. Think Cornpop was the engineer! Ha!

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