Forever Skies. Finally… an airship gardening game…What? (video)

Let’s take a look at the newest trailer for Forever Skies. Then you can begin the judging process and decide: Hit or miss? We’re going to say miss, right out of the gate. You know what I’m not looking for in a post-apocalypse, airship, adventure game? Gardening. Let me think back to how many games I wished I could garden… maybe one. Minecraft. And even then… It was a ‘hey… look at that’ experience. Even in ‘Breath of the wild’ when you could make healing potions, I never thought ‘wow… gardening would be great.’ Now here’s Forever Skies with a trailer dedicated to gardening. Swing and a huge miss!

We get it. You wanted to make a message game. Earth is doomed and organic gardening is super important to save the planet. Fine. You made your game, now let’s see who actually buys it. In the meantime, we’ll be over saving out buddies from space bugs on Helldivers 2. Maybe that game could use a garden! Forever Skies has a 2024 release date. Go grab some shovels!

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