Michael Keaton talks Batman and it’s awesome.

So many good things happening with this clip. It’s Michael Keaton talking about Batman. Also included is a fantastic mini story about Jack Nicholson and acting. Seldom do you get so much out one small clip. But here we are. Right out of the gate, Keaton launches into what he and Tim Burton were thinking when they first tackled Batman back in the 80’s. This was the first time (in the modern age) that a film really tried to take Batman seriously. Let’s just say it worked. And help pave the way for every dark version of Batman ever sense. Make sure to watch the whole clip though. The Jack Nicholson part of the story is worth it’s weight in gold. An actor reminding another actor about what the job really is. Perfect. Hope you dig this Michael Keaton talk about Batman as much as I did. Great stuff!

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