Spirit Airlines & the new queen of unruly passengers. (video)

We all remember the “that MF’er ain’t real” girl, right? Hopefully you do. The young lady who had seen enough and decided she wanted off the plane. She lost her title as wildest air traveler the other day. Here’s video of the new champ. This clip is from a Spirit Airlines plane and features the new queen of unruly passengers. Enjoy. There’s a lot going on. A lot! We learn about rolled ankles and basketball. We get a couple of shout outs and “George Floyd’ references. Then? The plot twist at the end. A stunning reference from waaaay back. Thank you, internet for providing this spectacular melt down from the new queen of unruly passengers on Spirit Airlines. This is why we still need gas powered cars. We can always drive instead.

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4 comments on “Spirit Airlines & the new queen of unruly passengers. (video)

  1. Doris says:

    So she’s pulling the “I can’t breathe ” thing. Pick her up and take her off the plane. Easy as that. Stop all the bullshit in this country.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Then the really weird Richard Gere reference! She.. um… has some issues… I’ll leave it at that.

      1. Lance Crow says:

        Only if she references gerbils or the Dalai Lama when discussing Gere does it get freaky. 🙂

        1. The Mgmt. says:

          hmmmm gonna have to agree with that.

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