The Week in Memes – Yeeshter Sunday Edition

First of all, a meaningful Easter Weekend to you who celebrate. Second of all, what is wrong with you in the Biden Administration who are elevating the “Transgender Day of Visibility” over Easter to troll and divide?

We’ll get to the rest of the week but we were greeted this Saturday morning with the White House’s pronouncement of the Transgender Day of Visibility. This is not your daddy’s Catholic President.

Oh well, what’s a minor blasphemy without some great memes?

Some might say this is a Sign of The End.

This was foretold.

OK, time to move on, thankfully.

Jill Biden wrote a book.

Beloved centrist Democrat Senator Joe Leiberman passed this week. RIP

Ronna McDaniel, after screwing up the RNC and presiding over so many losses, got a gig at NBC – probably to play the role of the “I didn’t leave the Republican party, they left me” guest.

Of course the idiot “talent” at NBC couldn’t deal. They cried, tore their garments and played stompy-foot until NBC rescinded the offer.

And finally, the Francis Scott Key bridge in Maryland collapsed when hit by a cargo ship. Or did it?

OK, here’s to a better but just as weird next week. Until then!

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