Sunday Jams: Brian Setzer Orchestra

The Stray Cats recently announced a big summer tour, and they are still sounding great! This is for a big part due to the incredible talent and style of lead singer and guitar legend Brian Setzer.

Not only has he kept his rockabilly lifestyle roaring along, but his incredibly successful swing revival era helped bring a new love of the old school to younger generations, as well as create some of the coolest Christmas favorites today.

However, it’s Easter, so let’s have a big old family picnic and vibe with the swing sounds of the Brian Setzer Orchestra for the Sunday Jams:

Whether you’re “In the Mood” for some family time or ready to “Jump, Jive an Wail” or “Dirty Boogie” with friends, you still can’t do much better than Brian Setzer.

3 comments on “Sunday Jams: Brian Setzer Orchestra

  1. Mike88 says:

    I remember playing the Brian Setzer orchestra CD , the dirty boogie for my mom . She loved it , at first she thought I bought an old swing album . I told this guy is keeping swing and rock-a- billy alive .

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Saw the Stray Cats years ago. Great show. Brian S. is a champ. They’re going back out on the road this year!

  2. Lisa Kay says:

    I got to see them at the end of the 80s, and it was one of the most fun and energetic concerts I’ve been to. From what I’ve seen lately, all three of these guys are still amazing live, both as a group and on their own.

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