Nobody Wants To Die – reveal trailer. We’re not feeling this one.

Here’s the trailer for the new game, Nobody Wants To Die. Take a look. Maybe this will be your jam. I’m out. And that’s a shame. The graphics of the trailer look great. And yeah, I’m always up for a dystopian, Bladerunner looking game. Cyberpunk? Yup. I’m a fan of the New York 2329 futuristic, noir. That is always a plus. Here’s where I tap out: Time mechanics. Slowing down time… time travel… harnessing time… all of it. And Nobody Wants To Die seems to be steeped in it. Now maybe you’re all excited now? Good for you. Hope you’re fired up for Nobody Wants To Die after you watch the trailer. I’m not. The game hits consoles in 2024.

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