Can A.I. write a funny ‘Eat My *ss’ song?

The short answer is no. And that’s a good thing. (This is the song I was talking about on the podcast recently. Thought you should hear it) Now speaking as a writer of comedy, it’s almost impossible to miss with a song title like “Eat my *ss”. Will it be a thought-provoking reflection on humanity? No. But a song called ‘eat my *ss’ should get a few laughs. Just shock value alone will get chuckles. So, on paper? Yeah, should be hilarious. Artificial Intelligence can’t seem to make it happen though. This song sounds like a 60’s song. The singer sounds like a 60’s singer. The juxtaposition should work! A super clean singer, singing about doing something dirty. That’s a slam dunk in comedy. A.I. takes it in a bizarre side direction though and just destroys the humor. So, I’m a little less concerned about robots taking over the world and ending humanity now. This song would work better in a horror movie. With that being said, an army of terminators marching down the street all playing “eat my *ss’ would actually be funny. Someone ask AI to make that video.

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2 comments on “Can A.I. write a funny ‘Eat My *ss’ song?

  1. Carla S Caruso says:

    After watching/listening to Eat My *ss – was a suggested song. Much better – LOLOL Has a good groove.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Now I gotta go listen!

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