The Week in Memes – Shrinkflation Edition

Friends, I have to be honest with you. News wise, it’s been a busy week – fake controversy of a Revolutionary war flag, Trump found guilty in a sham trial and Pride month on our doorstep. And with all that, there is just a shortage of memes. I blame Bidenomics. So please stick around for this abbreviated version of The Week in Memes.

First up, the Progressive calendar says, take your Palestine Solidarity decorations down and your Pride! ones up.

Here’s to you natural allies!

Hang in there, we’ll make it to July.

Also this week. The liberals and the media (BIRM) tried to create a Cat 5 scandal because the “Pine Tree” flag was flown at SCOTUS Justice Altio’s beach house.

Yes, they really tried to make it an iNsUrReCtIoN! thing.

Robert Di Niro is an ass. A talented, legendary ass. But an ass nonetheless.

Well, I tried. Thank you for sharing this short journey with me. Until next time, my partners in silliness.

1 comment on “The Week in Memes – Shrinkflation Edition

  1. Carla S Caruso says:

    That was GREAT!!! LOLOL!!!

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