Starship is one step closer to Mars. Check out these flight highlights!

This is the news I like to wake up to. A successful launch and test flight for Space X and Starship. Just amazing stuff. Today’s flight of Starship legit gets humanity one big step closer to Mars and becoming a multi-planetary species. To say it’s exciting is an understatement. Starship is huge. You can carry more people and materials to space. It is a beast of a machine and when it flies it is awesome! Today’s flight was a test of all the systems including some heat shield experiments. The team at Space X will definitely have a lot of data to pour over as this flight seemed to be a giant success. Big shout out to the little flap that could. That piece of equipment went to the plasma and still was able to get the job done. There are still some big hurdles for Starship to overcome, but today was a big step towards the stars. Congrats Elon Musk and everyone at Space X.

Check out the picture below of Flappy just getting lit up! Dayum!

Five gold stars for choice of music. Let’s go!

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