Reaction to: The Gayest Star Wars ever. “The Acolyte”

Oh, I had to do another post about Disney Star Wars, The Acolyte or as some like to call it “The gayest Star Wars ever”. Now that comment alone is enough to write a little article about and post some videos. And that’s what I intend to do. However, let me start off with this sentiment: Shut the fuck up and learn how to write. That needs to be said about almost all the Disney Star Wars shows, with the exception of Andor. While some of the little series they made might have been downloaded a lot? A can assure you, years from now, very few people will be interested in Book of Boba Fett, or the Mandalorian, or Ahsoka. They sucked. They just weren’t written well. The end. And yes, the social justice, woke messaging took over Disney Star Wars.

They have repeatedly screwed up so badly that now they just build in the excuse for it sucking. They’ll say Ahsoka wasn’t well received because of its strong female lead. Nope. It just sucked. Now we have the showrunner (oof) for Disney Star Wars ‘The Acolyte’ talking about the gayest Star Wars ever. So, the excuse is already built in! Strong female lead? Gayest ever? What about the actual show? Does anyone care about the show? Probably not. It’s getting destroyed by fans and viewers. Cue the: “They don’t like it because we embrace differences.” Homophobia has no place in Disney Star Wars. That will be the excuse.

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