The Week in Memes – Patriotism, Palestine and Poop Edition

This week started on June 2 and ended June 8. But the most important day this week was June 6 – D-Day. Memes are great for mockery and giggles but they are also used to honor the important things.

This should be the real pride month as we honor the real antifa.

It has been noted elsewhere that this generation (and the two before it before to be fair) are soft compared to what the Greatest Generation was capable of.

But especially, Gen Z.

I am. Now, can I get two shots of espresso in the latte please?

To honor D-Day, President went to Normandy, cribbed a speech from Ronald Reagan and then possibly pooped himself.

Grab bag: Paid Democrat embarrassment, Harry Sisson went gay for President Biden’s Time magazine cover. Behold.

Speaking of … It’s Pride Mo (yaaaaaaawn). Yep. Looks like the ESG machine is running on fumes as fewer and fewer people are into celebrating genitals and what people do with them.

In that spirit, this will be the only Pride meme.

And let’s end this with some great news. The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) rescued four hostages.

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