The Week in Memes – Master Debater Edition

Welcome to the Week in Memes here at The Loftus Party! We’re all excited for the upcoming Biden/Trump debate coming up this next week. Here’s our latest crop of free range memes. Please enjoy.

Boss did a “Hawk Tuah” post so in honor of that, we present you a cheapfake [ED – Cheapfakes will be considered memes from this day forth.]

And who doesn’t love a good meme mashup?

Apologies to “Acolyte” fans. Just kidding, there are no “Acolyte” fans. To the rest of you, enjoy this strong female Disney actor’s bizarre dance of resistance to toxic fandom or something.

So Biden is doing debate prep…

This week Justin Timberlake got arrested. The cop didn’t recognize him.

Grab Bag


The Student Loan Pander in a single image.

The good Captain, of course!

The Lincoln Project is at it again.

And that’s a wrap. Do not stray too far from the A/C unit and we’ll see you next week.

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