Kamala Harris is unburdened by all the significant memes that have been burdened by time.

Is it going to be Kamala Harris? Is that who the Dem nominee is going to be? It seems like every hour there is some new ‘update’ about Joe. He’s going to drop out or he’s going to stay in. Madness! But it is probably time to wrap your head around the possibility of a Kamala Harris run for the White House. The internet has wasted no time at all when it comes to making fun of Kamala. They have clips, quotes, observations and straight up jokes galore. Take a look. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the roasting of Kamala Harris. She’s got some wild quotes.

And let’s not overlook this absolute doozy from the debates. You might want to put on your blast googles.

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