War of the Rohirrim. The good, the bad and the woke? Here’s a look. (video)

Let’s take an honest look at the War of the Rohirrim. It’s the animated flick set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. There are some stills from the movie available, and it feels like a good time to start a conversation about the project. Now before I jump into the good, the bad and the worries about ‘The war of the Rohirrim,’ let’s take a look at this analysis from YouTuber ‘Nerd of the Rings’. Dude is on top of things in terms of lore etc. Then I’ll let you know my concerns. And they seem to be growing. But watch the video and at least we’ll all start on common ground. Then I’ll dig it.

Okay, let’s go. Here’s some of my concerns about ‘The war of the Rohirrim’ in no particular order. Not going to complain at all about Anime. I like it. Would I prefer a live action? Sure. But in terms of budget? It’s cheaper to draw it and to go on location. So, fine. It’s anime. Here’s my biggest concern: Why this story? Of all the content of the appendices from The Lord of Rings, this is what you want to film? In a land of Orcs, talking trees, wizards and everything else, they chose a land dispute between two classes of humans? That’s stupid. It only makes sense on a couple levels. One: You (as a studio) are saving the juicy magical bits for live action movies down the road. Two: You’re going to do some woke shit.

My ‘woke alert’ radar is starting to ping over The War of the Rohirrim. Are we about to get a strong female warrior who fights the powers that be and the patriarchy? Is this young lady with the sword gonna be all pissed off because she wants to be a warrior and not some nurse maid? Please don’t let that be the case. We’ve seen that character. We’ve seen her in Lord of the Rings. She was awesome. But that’s all we ever get now. It’s boring. It’s shallow. And it’s lazy writing. See Amazons Rings of Power for that. And how’s that show doing? Oh yeah, it sucks.

So, now I’m worried about The War of the Rohirrim. It’ll look good. But it doesn’t look good for the story. You know what I mean. The movie hits theaters December 13th.

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