Tucker has thoughts about ‘Democracy’.

The debate reaction clips keep rolling in. Joe’s performance it the gift that keeps on giving for political YouTube. Biden is the Star Wars Acolyte of social media. However, there are plenty of clips of quality. There are plenty of presenters and thinkers that are actually saying things that are worth listening to and thinking about. Here’s a quality clip from Russell Brand. Some keen observations and comedy! Brand highlights a moment from Tucker Carlson’s reaction to the debate that’s worth watching. There’s some funny stuff about the media, Joe and the debate but more importantly it’s Carlson’s thoughts about democracy that make the clip. It’s easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. Let’s not do that. Deal? Good.

Just in case you’re lazy like me, here is the whole clip from Russell Brand. You don’t even need to rewind. Yeah. We’re cool like that.

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