Democracy thriving in France as riots break out after election results some people didn’t like. (video)

Ah, Paris in an election season. You can almost smell the flaming tires and poo from here. So, what in the actual hell is going on France? Why are there riots? Is this the starving masses just looking for a crust of bread? Nope. Not even close. This would appear to be about power. And maintaining said power. This looks like the result of a group of people not getting their way. Not I didn’t say the majority of people. No. This is just some people… burning shit because they have to…You know, to save France from a threat to democracy! How else will you know who doesn’t like ‘fascists?’ The ‘democracy protectors’ are burning other people’s property because the right-wing party lead by Le Pen is doing well.

It’s wild to watch. Mobs of people, rioting because they might lose a leftist majority. And it’s also worth noting that politicizations are dropping out of the election in order to make sure Le Pen doesn’t win a majority. Career politicians are working across party lines to join forces, just to make sure Le Pen and the right don’t win a majority.

Check out what French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, a close ally of Macron, said earlier on Wednesday. He said he believed the cross-party bid to deprive the far-right RN of a majority could succeed. “What these withdrawals show is that we can avoid an absolute majority for the far right,” Attal told France Inter radio.

Does that sound remotely like the will of the people? I don’t know how politics work exactly in France, but damn. That sure seems like a small group of individuals just doing what they want. A small group of individuals desperate to hold on to power. Even if it means watching France burn in order to get their way. I’m just glad this could never happen in America. What a relief.

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