What happened to Amazon’s ‘The Boys’? We know. (video)

The Boys on Amazon in now on season 4. I will try to be kind here when I say, the show has gone over the cliff. The audience reviews of The Boys on Rotten Tomatoes continue on a downward trend. As of today, they are clocking in at a meager 52%. That’s not good. So, what happened to The Boys? Ask that question and you’ll get two answers. One from Hollywood types, who will say the show ran out of compelling stories or superhero fatigue. The other answer will be from people like me (hollywood writer for years) and The Critical Drinker. What sent the boys over the edge was politics. Activism. The writers weren’t clever enough to hide their message. That’s it. That’s all folks.

If you watched season one of The Boys, like me, you probably had a good time. You came back for season two and started to see the handwriting on the wall. You could sense that politics was going to be a thing. You were right. I made it through a handful of episodes before I tapped out of this show.

From the review he did for his YouTube channel, the same was true for The Critical Drinker. He said so long after it was blatantly obvious that The Boys had a one-sided political agenda. And that is what we usually call propaganda. When art has an agenda? It’s basically propaganda. There’s your answer. That’s what happened to The Boys. It stopped being entertainment.

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