Conservatives lost bigtime in U.K. elections. Russell Brand breaks it down. (video)

Is the United Kingdom the political canary in the coalmine? Do their elections reflect what we can expect in America? It’s hard to tell. But we need to talk about the U.K. Election results. Their election cycles are a lot different from ours and frankly I’m a bust guy and don’t really want to dive in that deeply. I’m a ‘big picture’ kinda guy. Let’s break things down to an easy bit sized nugget and I’ll ponder on that for a bit. We’ll rely on people like Russell Brand for now to get onto the details and keep things moving. He’s a likable fellow. So, with that being said, here we go. The Conservatives lost bigtime in the U.K. elections. The Labor (Liberal) party won a bunch of stuff. What happened? What can we learn from this. Here’s Russell Brand’s take on the recent elections and what it all means.

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