The Week in Memes – Independence Day Edition

Welcome back. Hope y’all are having a great four day weekend or at the very least, a short week and a nice weekend. Happy 4th and all the good things it means for us ‘Muricans.

First and foremost, MEAT!

And the fireworks!

The “mainstream” press is shocked and horrified to discover that the mental deterioration of President Biden that they’ve been hiding was sprung on them.

We saw that with the horrible, no good public appearances Joe made this week with George Stephanoupoloususus (sp?).

The rats are not leaving the sinking ship.

Others are fighting to the bitter end. “He’s fine, he’s fine! OK, he’s not fine but the other guy PEDORAPISTNAZILITERALLYHITLER!”

It’s quite the tightrope they have to walk with all the grace of an intoxicated elephant.

New fear mongering talking point just dropped.

Grab bag!

The math checks out.

Greasy Gavin smells blood in the water and wants his turn at President.

Britain elected Labour (sp?) and the new leader, Keir Starmer meets King Charles.

Netflix (oy) will be doing an adaptation of the “Chronicles of Narnia” (eyerolls) directed by Greta Gerwig of “Barbie” fame (double oy).

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