A little Morning Joe tirade from Biden just to make things stay awkward. (video)

Hi. So… this is awkward. Check out this clip from MSNBC’s morning program and listen to what Biden is saying and more importantly how he is saying it. Oof. It’s awkward. That’s the best way to put it. Biden has a little tirade when answering a question from Mika. He goes so far as to call her pal. Like some old timey salesman confronting another salesman from another company in a bar in 1942. “Listen, I’m here for one reason, pal!” What the hell is that? Maybe Joe wants to be seen as energetic and emphatic, but it comes across as angry grampa who shouldn’t be driving a car anymore. After hearing Grandpa Biden go off on Morning Joe, you get the feeling you should be talking about assisted living. Not an election.

And there were also sad moments. Here’s Joe just bringing it down… in an emphatic yet worrisome way.

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