The political Right and the recipe for failure.

This is just a heads up for all those super smart political insiders. The Think Tank crowd. This is about the Right and a recipe for failure. It needs to stop. Things actually need to get done.

I’ve noticed a bit of a disturbing trend in recent years. It goes like this: The Right or the Conservatives make a lot of noise that leads to zero action. The Left makes gains, and the Right does nothing. There is a lot of campaigning on “send me to the capitol and I promise to repeal ‘blank’. Just fill in the blank with whatever topic you want. From whatever country you live in! This is global complaint about the Right. Way too many countries are all talk and zero action.

This is where the second trend comes in: All talk and zero action is a recipe for disaster. Now when I say disaster, I mean disaster. Things getting ruined. Peoples, countries, ways of life. And I would prefer to avoid stuff like that. Now, I can understand making some campaign promises you might not be able to deliver every once in a while. That’s politics, right? But when things go next level and political opponents are being locked up and harassed by the legal system? You gotta act.

The conservative party got its ass handed to them in the UK recently and in France, not only did the right come in 3rd, but they are also now investigating Marine Le Pen.

One side is locking people up and relentlessly using the courts to harass and silence opponents. The other side is writing strongly worded emails. It’s a recipe for failure. In America, the GOP has had years to make election integrity and the border and issue. We’ve sent plenty of money to foreign countries but done nothing about our own border. And now, just 4 months away from an election, the GOP is making election integrity a thing? Is this for real? After 12 million people come across the border, now you decide to do something with the SAVE act? All I can say is this: You better make sure your SAVE Act passes and becomes law. A swing and miss, does nothing. You might get some decent footage for your next campaign ad, but the election won’t matter. If you throw 12 million new left leaning illegal voters in the mix? It’s game over.

I should also note that The Right in the UK got bitch slapped due to inaction. Here’s more on that. While Milie in Argentina actually seems to be getting things done.

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