Ep.318: Ukraine on the Brain & Freedom Truckers

It’s an all-new episode of the loftus party podcast. Looking for some insight into the Ukraine Russia situation? We got you covered. All that and more on another fantastic episode! PLUS: More Naked Brittany! Thanks for being here ya wackos!

2 comments on “Ep.318: Ukraine on the Brain & Freedom Truckers

  1. Holly Irvin says:

    Obama is pulling the strings on ByDUHn…
    My dad was a long distance trucker for 39 years and he would’ve been leading the pack if he was still here!!! Don’t screw with the truckers, they have more impact than people realize!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      agreed! We are totally screwed without truckers! Keep on Trucking. They made a huge diff in Canada too!

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