The Loftus Party podcast ep.356: Elon Musk & Twitter. What Everyone is Missing. Plus: Updates on Michael’s Book

We are back again this week with another fantastic episode of The Loftus Party podcast. We had to dive into this supposed Elon Musk, Twitter controversy. From where we sit there’s only one issue: How. How does social media like Twitter, Facebook and the rest move public opinion? How does the algorithm work? We know a little about what’s going on behind the curtain, but we want all the info! We also dig into more news, pop culture stuff and yes, the new book! “Neither Stunning nor Brave” by yours truly. Here’s a link so you can get your copy! And please leave a review! It helps with the Algorithm!  PLUS: Conspiracy Theories and Butt Stuff. They’re more similar than you think!

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