The Loftus Party Podcast 359: Making Fun of Big Tech Propaganda? We Do it Right Here Right Now!

Howdy everybody! Let’s breakdown this week’s episode of The Loftus Party podcast. It’s getting close to Christmas time! You excited? I am. Lot’s to do. But we couldn’t do a high-quality podcast without talking about the biggest story in America: The Twitter Files. The FBI and the intelligence community and what the hell they have been doing on Social Media platforms. Damn! It is easily the biggest story of our lives. The silence from the mainstream media is insane. So, we’ll talk about it. We’ll talk pop culture too. And yes, there will be plenty to laugh about too. I’ll make sure of that. Also? Thanks for making it through the Tom Petty parody! Woo Hoo!  PLUS: Hilarious Woke Fails

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