The Loftus Party Podcast ep. 378: Biden is More Machine Than Man & Fun with Watching the Media Play Dumb.

Welcome to another fantastic yet hilarious episode of The Loftus Party podcast! We’ve got another great show for you! This week we are dipping into Joe Biden’s incredibly long career in politics. Dude has quite the history. Joe Biden has been in politics so long, he’s more machine than man at this point. Since the 1970’s Joe has been making things up. Usually, the media would hold him accountable. Recently? Not so much. It’s almost as if Joe is just a mindless drone that does what he’s told. The DNC clears a path and then Joe just goes along for the ride. Let’s discuss that today. Don’t worry though. There’s plenty of pop culture fun to be had too! PLUS: A Dose of Guitar Insanity

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