The Loftus Party podcast #385: Ripping the Bureaucracy to Shreds While We Still Can.

We are digging into tons on this weeks episode of The Loftus Party podcast. Hold on to yer butts! Right out of the gate we’re talking intellectual curiosity when it comes to the ‘why’ of it all the craziness that’s going on.  Why are huge companies jumping on the woke wagon when they know customers won’t like it? The answer is easier than you think. Shit is getting weird, kids! We also have updates on the Biden family biz, the DOJ and the FBI. The American bureaucracy state continues to grow. We gotta rip it to shreds before it’s too late. It’s all here on the loftus party podcast with Michael Loftus! PLUS: RFK Debates and the Booty Song (For the Patreon Peeps) Patreons get extras. It’s awesome. Big shout out to the new peeps! Woo hoo!

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