The Loftus Party Podcast #388: Biden Isn’t Campaigning. Anyone Else Worried? Just Us? Let’s Discuss!

What’s on tap for this week’s episode of The Loftus Party podcast? Funny you should ask. We’ve got a barn burner for ya! Right out of the gate, we’re a bit concerned about Joe Biden’s lack of a campaign. In a normal world you’d want a headquarters and staff of people focused on getting you re-elected.  Joe hasn’t really fired one up yet and that’s a bit worrisome. Then, we’re blasting into a ton of other news stories you may have missed. Insight into Hollywood, Jonah Hill, The Dial of Destiny. And bonus? Michael Loftus will perform his uncanny Gandalf impression. PLUS: Patreon People & The Song of the Year. “Sugar Tits”. My goodness! You learn, you laugh, maybe you sing a little, this is what makes The Loftus Party podcast a must listen. You hear me?! A must listen!! LOL

Don’t forget: Patreon peeps get a segment of their very own and other cool extras! Woo Hoo!

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