The Loftus Party Podcast #395: On the Road in Denver Talking Smack About Joe and Hunter.

Hello all you wonderful wackos! We have feast for your ears this week on The Loftus Party Podcast with Michael Loftus. Was I at the tail end of a cold? Yes. Was I doing stand-up in Denver? Also, yes. The biggest of shout out to everyone who came out the American Misfits shows with myself, Joe DeVito and Dave Landau! Now let’s dive into the podcast. We’re railing on the insane amounts of corruption involving Joe and Hunter Biden. Hell, the whole Biden family! There’s also gonna be some sweet pop culture talk and a delightful celebration of freedom of speech and Jordon Peterson!  PLUS: Mugshot Fever Ya Gotta Catch It! And don’t forget: Patreon peeps get extras becasue they’re so flipping cool! Join up here! 

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