The Loftus Party podcast #400: The Border Dashes and Hillary Clashes with Reality … Again.

Welcome you sexy heathens to a new episode of The Loftus Party podcast! What’s on tap for this week’s show? Hilarity and news! First up? Some sexy, sexy budget talk, sure. But we gotta go off on the latest info on the border. It’s frigging nuts and videos don’t seem to be having any effect. Oh! Hillary Clinton is back to pimping more Russia BS. Unreal. But we are doing our level best to find a balance. You need balance. News, comedy, entertainment. Let’s do that.  PLUS: Another Good TV Show! What?

Hope you dig the show. Patreon and Locals peeps get extras! Tis true. Hope you dig this weeks episode of The Loftus Party podcast.

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