The Loftus Party Podcast #419: Joe Trying to Play Tough Guy Backfires. Big time… PLUS: Elon Musk Calling BS on the Border Bill,

Hot damn! Hope you’re ready for a brand-new episode of The Loftus Party podcast with Michael Loftus! (I put my name in there, cause I’m the guy typing!) This week’s show is a no holds barred look at some smack, sleepy Joe is talking about the Donald. It feels like someone is trying to fit Joe with a new ‘tough guy’ persona and it’s not going to work. When it comes to sick f*cks? Joe is in the lead big time. We’ll leave it at that.  It’s a big, big show of laughs, political insight and entertainment!  But wait, there’s more!

Next up is the border showdown is heating up. We are roasting the whole deal and having some fun talking about Elon Musk’s tweets on the subject. After that it’s just off the rails fun with emotional support guitar work and Valentines Day tips and tricks!

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