The Loftus Party podcast #422: Trending News, Nude Beaches & Cheerios PLUS: Thirsty Hamsters Are a Thing

What in the wide world of hilariousness do we have for you this week on The Loftus Party podcast with Michael Loftus? Great question! Beyond the comedy of it all? We are dipping into ‘Trending’ news and what should be trending! Of all the crazy news stories, here’s what we should focus on. Increased death rates around the world! Gavin Newsom, Google’s AI insanity. Why Nikki Haley is staying in the race. She gets her own song this week.  And are they poisoning us with cheerios? WTF?! All of the inter-connected BS that permeates the modern world. Let’s go! We’re making fun of the morons and directing all the cool kids to more fun and insights. Nude Beaches are awesome. We’ll tell you why. Ever heard of the Thirsty Hamster? You’ll wanna know what it is. We got you covered. All that and the news you need!

It’s a lot of show. And if you want it all. (And I know ya do) Join in on Locals or Patreon! There’s way more there! You’re awesome and you deserve it. Skadoosh!

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