The Loftus Party podcast #423: Defending Dads, ELO & Butts of All Sizes! PLUS: ‘Happy’ Makes Me Happy

We got so much goodness for you on the latest episode of The Loftus Party podcast with Michael Loftus! Let’s have few laughs and get into the news! We’re hearing rumors that the Rap world and the FBI have a few things in common. Are they using the same leverage on people? Is this an Epstein Island thing? Is this why Shifty Adam Schiff keeps pushing a debunked Russia collusion theory?  Next up we dip into some stand up and defend dads. Everywhere you turn, people are mocking dads. It’s really getting old. Also worth defending? Butts. Booty’s of all sizes are welcome here.  No matter what people say on social media. We like all butts, and we cannot lie. And buckle up for the most Keith Richards thing we’ve ever done on guitar. Long live Keef!

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