The Loftus Party Podcast #432: Joe and The Gang Get Busted Censoring Big Time OUCH! PLUS: Star Wars and Leadbelly

One of the best things about hosting your own podcast is of course, the name. Yup, that why I call it The Loftus Party podcast with Michael Loftus! The other great thing? I pick the narrative. And this week we have some tasty stories. These are gigantic news events that are flying under the radar. Until now. Now you just listen to The Loftus Party podcast and get it all baby!  You’re going to be shocked at the weaponization of Government. Big legal news on the Biden administration censorship of stories on social media. Let’s not forget what’s happening at the DOJ! Did I mention the proof? Yeah! There’s emails and all kinds of stuff. It’s insane.

Now you’re thinking there might not be enough comedy in this show. Well, never fear. We got plenty of comedy. Hold your horses. We got Bob Dylan impressions, Stand Up and Insights into Comedy Writing This one has it all.

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