The Loftus Party Podcast #433: Old Timey Life Hacks Are Hilarious and a New Biden Impression PLUS: Supporters for the Win

It’s another informative, comedic, well informed, jam-packed episode of The Loftus Party podcast with Michael Loftus. And what an episode we have for you! So much to laugh about. So many idiots to mock! We have a tasty new impression of sleep joe that is just hilarious! We’re dipping into entertainment news with Tinkerbell and Disney updates and the life hacks. The life hacks! We are going back in time for some old-timey life hacks! We got it all on the loftus party podcast!

And on this mothers day edition of the show, we’d like to give the mother of all shout outs to our fantastic supporters on Locals and Patreon! You get all the extras because you are extra! Skadoosh! Wanna join? Do it. I dare ya!

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