The Loftus Party Podcast #439: Big Tech, Gene Wilder, & Father’s Day BS & Slut Month is still a thing.

There’s no such thing as too much show. That’s what we say. So, buckle up for a huge episode of The Loftus Party Podcast with Michael Loftus! We’re diving into politics, pop culture, elections, social media BS, massive amounts of funny plus more! What else could there be? How about a brief history of Father’s Day, an awesome Gene Wilder documentary on Netflix and what to do about Disney Star Wars ‘the acolyte’.  Now you’re thinking: There’s no way that’s all in this show? Well, a lot of it will be over on Locals and Patreon. So, bounce your happy ass over there! Show your support and get all of it! Yes, that includes Slut Month. We’re making that happen. Gird your loins.

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