claire gerdharstein videos

Yes. A Claire Christmas Special (video)

We didn’t even ask Santa for this. He just delivered. Bigly. A Claire Gerhardstein Christmas Special.

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What is Claire Gerhardstein wearing this July? (video)

We had to check in with Claire. See what’s been going on. We’re not done with her fashion sense and all-around swimsuit modeling goodness. Which begs the question: What is Claire Gerhardstein wearing this July? Funny you should ask. We have a video that addresses that very thing! At the very least it was released…

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The internet has spoken. More Claire Gerhardstein (Video)

We had to pay this YouTube channel another visit. This is the creator who is rather fond of Claire Gerhardstein. Yes, she’s gorgeous. Fantastically so. We do have a little concern of the amount of content though. It’s getting close to 200 videos devoted to the model. And while we too think Claire Gerhardstein is…

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