House of the Dragon episode one review. How to say ‘meh’ in Targaryen.

(Spoilers ahead. Loads of spoilers.) Well, it happened. HBO premiered House of the Dragon last night. It’s the prequel to the hugely popular Game of Thrones. I watched episode one and have some thoughts. Let’s dive in shall we? Get right to the heart of House of the Dragons problems. So far. Granted this is…

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Multiversus: This Game Came and Went!

What in the world happened with MultiVersus?! It seems like the game came and went in a flash! Hopefully they start really polishing the game and iron out some of the not so good quirks, but it has been shown again and again that trying to compete with Super Smash Bros always rarely works out.

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Oscars on Blast: Reaction to the Train Wreck Award Show

We’re putting the Oscars on blast. Making fun of this train wreck of an award show. Hollywood has forgotten why they exist.

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