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The Loftus Party podcast #387: These Massive Stories Happened During the Titanic Sub Distraction, INSANE!

Welcome to an all-new episode of The Loftus Party podcast with yours truly, Michael Loftus! Now if you’ve followed politics for any amount of time you know how distractions are used to change the narrative. It’s a tried-and-true technique. So, if you were following the Titanic Sub story you missed a lot. Like, a LOT….

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The Loftus Party Podcast #379: Under Pressure with Hunter Biden and King Charles Sings!

What a show! We have a brand-new episode of The Loftus Party Podcast for you! Yes, it’s full of comedy, news, pop culture and political goodness, hosted by Michael Loftus. That’s me! This week is no different. However, we do have large quantity of impression this week too! So, what’s on the show? Well, we…

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The Loftus Party Podcast ep. 377: Biden Family Troubles Got Us Laughing!

we got big Biden family news and that has got us laughing. It’s a new episode of the best podcast of the modern age! (too much?)

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